Preparing Your Child for Camp:

Seeing your child excited about their first camp experience is thrilling, but it can also bring about some concerns. Is your child ready? Will they have everything they need? How do you ensure they have fun and stay safe? Here are some helpful tips for preparing your child for their camp adventure.

  1. Discuss Their Expectations

Before camp begins, have an open conversation with your child about what to expect. Encourage your child to share their feelings and concerns. Make sure to answer all their questions. Explain the schedule, activities, the role of counselors and coordinators, and the camp's duration so they know what to anticipate.

  1. Make a List Together

Creating a checklist of things your child needs for camp is an excellent way to involve them in the preparation. You can use the practical information list provided by our office.

  1. Encourage Socializing

Talk to your child about the importance of making friends and being kind to their fellow campers. Encourage them to participate in group activities and be a good companion. If you know your child has difficulty socializing, inform the camp before it starts so their counselors and coordinators can focus on your child's needs effectively.

  1. Prepare Them Emotionally

It's normal for your child to feel nervous or excited about their time at camp. Ensure they know it's okay to feel this way and that they can always reach out to you if they need support. Except for the first three days of camp, which are crucial for adjustment and getting into the flow.

  1. Say Goodbye with Love

When the day comes to drop your child off at camp, bid farewell with love and confidence. A positive goodbye will help them feel secure and excited about their adventure.

Preparing your child for camp is an enriching experience for both of you. Through communication, support, and adequate preparation, you can ensure your child is ready to enjoy their outdoor adventure to the fullest. Camp can be a transformative and thrilling experience for your child, and you'll be there to celebrate their stories when they return!