In our summer camps, the protagonist is sport in all the programs we develop. This fact makes our philosophy revolve around sportsmanship and its values: camaraderie, respect, struggle to excel and teamwork. We propose to encourage a love of nature and sports, without forgetting the creative side of the student through theater, music, art and cultural excursions.


registrations 2024 open:

Carmen Oriol Icaza

Director Layos


LayosCamp is a family business to which we dedicate all our time. She was born in 1985, encouraged by childhood memories in American camps. We think that it is the ideal model for any child to have a happy experience on their first outing from home. We then embarked on a business adventure that today brings together children and young people from all over the world.

Life in the camp is a golden opportunity for the comprehensive development of the little ones, since they begin to be self-sufficient in basic things such as dressing, eating, getting up, being tidy and clean... They do it together with children in their same circumstances, achieving with little effort an autonomy and discipline that would amaze many adults.

If to these little things, we add initiation to a sport, contact with nature, the adventure of doing new things, the ability to live simply, generosity, and coexistence, we get children to come home "bigger" and more aware of its possibilities Today more than ever we believe in the effectiveness of our work, we verify it every day through former LayosCamp campers, turning the center into a project worth working and living for.