School excursions

The basis of the success of our programs lies in our long experience. More than thirty years support us. Many schools remain loyal to our programs from the beginning. Our clients know how to recognize professional work and a safe and trusting atmosphere for students. The innovation in the programs, the constant improvement of the facilities, makes our path permanently look to the future. Sports, nature, cooperative games and artistic activities today also leave room for personal development, mindfulness and even coaching with horses.

Always present our team of monitors formed by our Official School of Free Time Monitors. Monitors whom we know and in whom we fully trust.


In our programs, objectives are pursued to expand content that is taught day by day in the family and school environment. The excursions or courses at Layos Camp help the student to feel safe and confident in a new environment. Their self-esteem grows, their curiosity about things grows, their desire to face new challenges grows, their sociability grows, and they grow as people. We teach students new fields of expression and learning, we initiate them into hobbies and sports. We encourage and encourage the creativity of students. We seek to improve their knowledge and talents. We improve your habits in daily personal hygiene and health tasks. We make them more autonomous. Children grow in values of coexistence, respect and teamwork.

The rural world, nature, outdoor sports, together with the coexistence established by classmates on school outings, give rise to unforgettable experiences that brighten up the course and encourage future outings from home to a summer camp or course of languages abroad. We prepare programs tailored to the school, assessing ages, number of students and dates of the visit. Among others, you can opt for green weeks, end-of-year trips, or beginning of the course to unite the group.

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