Counsellors at Layos Camps

At each location, a Head of Department supervises the Camp’s development and each individual programme. There are one or two co-ordinators per programme that are in charge of teaching, teamwork and creative activities. Each counsellor makes sure students are always motivated, entertained and prioritize their safety at all times.

Since 1999, we train young and enthusiastic people who want to dedicate their free time to being Camp counsellors. To maintain our Camp’s ethics and philosophy, we often select individuals who have been campers themselves and are now at University. After 30 years of experience, we have seen that this creates an environment of trust and commitment to the Layos Camp experience. All our counsellors have taken the Official Camp Counsellor course in our specialised centre and all other members of the team are counsellor trainees, who carry out the second phase of the course.

All our counsellors have certain traits in common: they are young, motivated, and strive to be the best at what they do.


Many of our former campers are trained in our Official Camp Counsellor course and eventually become Programme Counsellors. A personal interview takes place before being accepted into the course. Each person is chosen for their commitment to the Camp and their sports and artistic abilities or their knowledge of nature.


The course has two phases: the first is the theory phase that can be completed either during the Easter Period or in second fortnight of July in our Toledo camp, where campers are offered full accommodation and facilities.

The second is the practical phase, it take place after the theory phase and lasts for two weeks. It can take place during the summer, bank holidays, school extra-curricular activities or in another official centre.

The practical phase can be completed in our Camp in full-board accommodation, and Castillo de Layos reserves the right to pick each counsellor trainee based on the requirements of each programme.


Topics are stipulated by the Castilla La Mancha’s Economy and Employment Department. We work with a qualified team of teachers all of whom have experience in school environments, as well as our top three coordinators.

The programme includes the following topics: child education, free time activities, group development psychology, legislation and educational planning, first aid, sport entertainment, special education, environmental education, games and group dynamics.

Valid throughout Europe

The Official Course Diploma is issued by the Castilla La Mancha Community Council’s Economy & Employment Department.

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